World’s Smallest Book Club (est. 2014) began when my most bookish friend and I sat bemoaning the difficulty of finding a local book club with truly critical and thought-provoking discussions — until I realized, “Hey! We could start that book club!”

I launched this website to encourage people to have shared reading experiences with other readers in their lives. For each book my friend and I select for discussion, I write questions that I hope will take your conversations to interesting and insightful places. (And, for people who really want to get into it, I also provide hosting ideas and suggestions for further reading.)

#ANewChapter: A Science Fiction Reading Club

This year, the Imagine Society, the Dred Scott Heritage Foundation, and the Green Hill Juvenile Detention Center have partnered together to create a science fiction reading club for teens—and I wrote the discussion questions for all nine books! If you are a teen—or know a teen—who would be interested in exploring some classic and/or contemporary sci-fi, please check out the Imagine Society’s event page. Participation can come in many forms!

If you are able to do so, consider supporting Green Hill Juvenile Detention Center’s young men by donating to their ongoing library book drive. Librarian Julie Forbes works incredibly hard to encourage a love of reading among her students and these donations are extremely important when it comes to achieving that goal.

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