2020 Reading Challenge!


2020 Reading Challenge: Color & 2020 Reading Challenge: Black & White

My mother is blasting her cassette tapes of ancient Christmas music, my father is wandering around in Seattle’s winter rain to plug in our holiday lights, and an elderly cat wearing a snowflake bowtie screams at me whenever I try to move him off my lap. All of these are sure signs that 2019 will be soon be over, and that the literary year of 2020 will soon begin!

I apologize for not updating this site very frequently (read: not at all) during the past few months. Alas, my entry into grad school life has left me unable to work on much of anything outside of my actual classwork, and this pattern is likely to continue. However, I will do my best to write as many updates as I can in 2020!

Unfortunately, grad school has also left me far short of completing 2019’s reading challenge categories, with only 47 out 75 (although I aim to get through a few more before New Year’s!). Successfully completing this year’s categories would certainly have been a satisfying victory. However, the actual purpose of the challenge is to push us out of our usual reading bubbles and make us consciously seek to expand the diversity of our reading material. And so, even if a reader only makes it through ten books, the challenge can still be a successful one, so long as those goals were achieved.

With that thought in mind, both Colleen and I are bound and determined to once again take on our own WSBC Reading Challenge in 2020—and we invite you to do so as well!

In the PDFs above which you can print out to track your progress, the reading challenge has been broken into three levels, so you can shoot for 25, 50, or 75 categories. Choose whatever level will be the best fit for you! Since the two of us live in the U.S., it is pretty U.S.-centric in a few categories, so feel free to adjust as necessary for all geographical needs. And lastly, if you feel that certain categories should have been included, please add them or swap them around for yourself! Sadly, we do have to cut many ideas we would like to include.

Happy reading!

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