Indie Bookstore Day Success!

That’s right! We made it. It was not our most efficient nor our most relaxing year, but all that matters is that we got all 21 stamps on our passports by the time the last bookstore closed. I was the driver, Colleen was the navigator, and our friend Willa was in the backseat presiding over our hoard of snacks. Together, we were a fearsome trio, determined to not only make it to all our bookstores, but to also have fun and enjoy ourselves—and we certainly succeeded!


Colleen and Willa while we were waiting for the Edmonds-Kingston ferry.

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Indie Bookstore Day 2019!

So this post isn’t about our 2019 Reading Challenge, but rather a different upcoming book-related challenge that is similarly demanding, delightful, and rewarding. I am, of course, talking about Independent Bookstore Day—the best day of the year!

This year, the five-year anniversary of IBD will fall on Saturday, April 27th—the last Saturday in April, as always. Indie Bookstore Day is a United States national celebration of independent booksellers and all they do to keep us connected as a literary community in a way that massive bookstore chains and online sellers cannot. Bookstores across the nation join the party with special IBD merchandise, scavenger hunts, raffles, trivia quizzes, food and drinks, giveaways, author appearances, contests, and more!

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