Seattle Public Library Summer Book Bingo 2019


Hello, all! I’ve been a little swamped ever since my last post in mid-August, which is why (as you might have already figured out) I haven’t written any posts since mid-August! The main event prompting this radio silence was my move from Seattle to Boston (via a very intense 5-day road trip), which was itself prompted by my starting grad school for two degrees: library science in youth services and writing for children and young adults. How exciting! And how exhausting.

Unfortunately, this event also coincided with the weeks usually occupied by my annual “race to the finish” for the Seattle Public Library/Seattle Arts and Lectures Summer Book Bingo. Tragically, my need to pack up my entire life demanded I put my bingo card aside this year and instead spend my time making elaborate packing lists, hunting online for furniture, shopping for all that random stuff you previously didn’t even think about needing until suddenly your entire life needs to be transported in a car, and, most importantly, spending as many hours as I could with my friends. And so my unbroken blackout record of the past three summers has come to an end—but at least I still got a few bingos!

Since I am now a busy grad student and you, dear reader, are no doubt a busy person yourself for your own unique reasons, I’m going to keep the rest of this post short. Each square I actually managed to check off on my bingo card gets one sentence.

Let’s go.

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