Book Club Questions: The Trespasser by Tana French

Antoinette Conway, the tough, abrasive detective from The Secret Place, is still on the Murder squad, but only just. She’s partnered up with Stephen Moran now, and that’s going well – but the rest of her working life isn’t. Antoinette doesn’t play well with others, and there’s a vicious running campaign in the squad to get rid of her. She and Stephen pull a case that at first looks like a slam-dunk lovers’ tiff, but gradually they realize there’s more going on: someone on their own squad is trying to push them towards the obvious solution, away from nagging questions. They have to work out whether this is just an escalation in the drive to get rid of her – or whether there’s something deeper and darker going on.

Tana French! Oh, Tana French. She is, unquestionably, one of my all-time favorite authors, and certainly the best mystery author I’ve ever read. The Trespasser had just come out and, since we had both just gotten our long-awaited copies from the library, my friend and I decided we might as well read it for book club. Our three-hour discussion was then regularly punctuated with exclamations of, “Oh my god! Tana French is just so good.”

The competition is fierce, but I think this might well be my favorite book of the entire Dublin Murder Squad series. If you’ve never read anything by Tana French, I highly suggest you start. (It’s not essential that the Dublin Murder Squad series be read in order, but I would recommend it.) If you love mystery books that aren’t really mystery books but actually tightly focused explorations of one character’s subjective point of view, or if you love beautifully written books in which every single sentence is dripping with unbearable suspense, then reading this book would be a good idea.

Discussion questions under the cut!

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